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Create a gorgeous free website in minutes, bringing together your social media updates, photos, videos and more into a unified web presence.
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Unified web presence

Bring all your social media and content together in one easily customisable website.

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Designing made easy

Create a visually stunning website that's actually easy to make. Upload your images, audio and video and use our layouts and design tools to customise your site.

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Your own URL

With a premium Flavors account use your existing domain or buy one right here for quick and easy complete branding

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Go mobile

Your site will look and feel just as sleek on a smart phone or a tablet as it does on the desktop.

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Inspiration & Flavors community

Showcase your Flavors site and see what other users are creating to promote themselves.

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Get free business cards

Promote and share your site with free MOO Business Cards - link to your site with your unique Flavors URL and QR code.

How much does it cost?

Flavors is free! The upgrade to access premium features, such as mobile layout or a custom domain name, is just $20 per year (less than $2 per month). All of Flavors is 100% advertising free. No toolbars or pop-ups on your site and we'll never sell your data.

Do I need to know code to make a Flavors site?

No way! We take care of that for you so you can concentrate on customizing your site and creating your brand identity. It's simple customization, easy maintenance and endless possibility rolled into one.

Can I use a custom domain name for my Flavors site, like

Yes! Using a custom domain name is a premium feature, available with a $20 per year upgrade. You can purchase your own domain through Flavors or use one you currently own, and we'll connect it to your site for you.
“A dead simple way to pull your online presence into one place.”
“A dead simple way to pull your online presence into one place.”
“Combine social network profiles for a unified online presence.”
“A simple and elegant personal portal.”
“10 code-free minutes to a sexier web presence.”
“The simpler, more beautiful aggregator.”
“If Condé Nast built FriendFeed.”